5 Things To Do In London That Are Better Than Going To Glasto

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Ok, so maybe we aren’t all lucky enough to be heading to Glastonbury next week…but who wants to be camping in a muddy field, pissing in a portaloo and spending almost a week in fresh air anyway. Pffff, certainly not us! But, if you’re a leeeeetle bit jealous here are some things you can do in London that are way better than Glasto anyway…

1. Visit one of London’s many Food Festivals.

If there would be one reason for the whole of Secret LDN headquarters to clear off to Glasto, it would be the prospect of eating delicious street foodie style grub for 5 whole days. But then we realised, why leave the hubbub of London for street food when we have them ALL HERE TOO? Not only have we concocted a list of 5 Foodie Festivals For You To Stuff Your Face In especially for you, but we also have special access to a PIZZA FESTIVAL, aptly named MySliceFest. Yum.

2. Dip in one of London’s outdoor swimming pools (or ponds).

Now, don’t turn your nose up just yet! London has had a resurgence these past few years of outdoor swimming venues, with many old time favourites having been refurbished. And what better way to escape the city heat (yes, when its not raining…) than a dip in the open air. Even its sunny at Glasto, there’s no way to escape it! Mwuahaha. From King’s Cross Pond Club (a 40-metre fresh water public swimming bath) to Brockwell Lido (a 50-metre pool surrounded by art deco Grade II-listed buildings). Still fancy something more au naturel? Hampstead Heath Ponds are three ponds set aside for swimmers with beautiful settings and ducks and swans to keep you company. TAKE THAT GLASTO!

3. Take a trip to one of London’s many stunning sunset spots

Blah blah, there’s an amazing view at the top of Glastonbury, blah blah, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before…well, you hardcore hiking hippies, London ALSO offers some unforgettable views of our beloved city – some of which you don’t even need to walk to get to. HA! You can enjoy a tasty meal at The Heron Tower (the highest restaurant in the UK) whilst taking in an equally scrumptious view of the city, or trek up to the golden oldie Primrose Hill where, due to the graduated slope, you’re bound to get a good view wherever you’re sat. It’s one of the best lateral views the city has to offer. Trust us.

4. Get tickets to one of London’s banging music festivals.

Not that the music is the best thing about Glastonbury, but if it’s that which you’re sad about missing out on, look no further. London’s music festival line up is looking hot enough for us to not give a damn about the clouds that appear to be hanging about…Since 2002, Lovebox (15th – 16th July) have been showcasing the best of the year’s Electronic, Dance and Hip-Hop talent at Victoria Park, and this year the line-up includes the likes of Major Lazer, Diplo, Hannah Wants, Joris Voorn and Ricardo Villalobos. If it’s the bigger names you’re after, British Summer Time is what you want with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Jamie XX, Alabama Shakes and the incredible Steve Wonder.

5. Watch a movie at an Open Air Cinema.

London’s absence of outdoor activities getting you down? Fear not. The Luna Cinema has a great programme throughout summer, meaning you can watch your favourites under the stars even when Glasto has long been finished. Mwuahaha. What could be better than Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Yup, Tooting Common, July 14th. Be there or, ehrm, miss out on a really fun night, we guess? Get your tickets here. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is plenty more to choose from! (Our personal fave being Pitch Perfect. Obvs).

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