6 Experiences That Will Definitely Change Your Life In London Forever

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

6 Experiences That Will Definitely Change Your Life In London Forever

Living in London certainly does something to you; it gets under your skin and alters the very pace at which you walk. It’s your home, but at the same time it’s a place that begs for constant discovery. As Samuel Johnson said, there is in London all that life can afford. And while each new thing you see with every day spent in this city is certain to change your life, there are some things that will click a new part of you into place, be it through excitement or enlightenment.


1. Delve – The Secret Experience Club: Psychoanalysis & Film

Emilia Stein-4 (1)

On 30th September, Delve are organising an evening of Psychoanalysis and Film, which draws upon the concept that a film has the potential to rewire the way we think and change the way we see the world forever. Located in an exclusive venue in Soho, they are putting on a once in a lifetime screening of Kubrick’s 1972 adaptation of Anthony Burgess’s classic dystopian novel, A Clockwork Orange. Enlighten your mind and discover things you never knew, as you immersive yourself in discussion with Delve’s psychoanalyst (whilst enjoying some wine). The experience starts at 7pm on 30th September and is £45. No previous knowledge of psychoanalysis is required – it’s all part of the learning!

Book your place here.

Delve specialise in ‘secret experiences’ and organise curated events, which have a significant focus on the optimisation of the ‘self’. These experiences can involve anything from food and drink to art and culture.They partner up with experts, from master sommeliers to Neurologists and art directors, to deliver inspirational and thought-provoking experiences in some of London’s most aspirational and exclusive venues.


2. GT Rush

Gt Rush
Ever wanted to cruise around London in a sports car, top down, adrenaline pumping? The GT Rush experience takes you on a different kind of tour around the capital (it’s not your average open-top double-decker bus!). You’ll be blown away (literally) after taking a spin in Harry the Maserati. Safe to say the ride is pretty damn sweet; you can expect a lot of envious looks from passersby. Fancy a ride? Book here now using promo code “SECRETLDN” for an exclusive discount (valid until 30/09/16). It’s also a great gift idea for engine heads.


3. The House of Dreams

[Stephen Wright Artist]
On an unassuming street in London, the bottom floor of The House of Dreams has been extravagantly decorated top to bottom by artist Stephen Wright and epitomises the term ‘weird and wonderful’. This bizarre yet brilliant museum, which is only open to the public a few days a year, was a project Wright began in 1998. Back then it started as a simple floor mosaic and since has spiralled and sprawled into a magical display of colour, wacky household objects and written signs. If you wish to visit the House of Dreams, have a look at its opening dates here. It will be nothing like you’ve ever seen before…

45 Melbourne Grove, East Dulwich, London SE22 8RG


4. ArcelorMittal Orbit


If you’ve passed Stratford between now and the 25th June, you’ve no doubt heard the screams coming from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We were extremely excited (and a bit scared) when we heard the news that the weird red architectural sculpture would become the home to the world’s longest tunnel slide – measuring 178m in length. And if you haven’t been down the twisting, turning and super fast slide (you’ll hit speeds of up to 15 miles per hour), now is your time. You’ll probably have a strange relationship with gravity for a few days following…

5. Bob Bob Ricard’s Press for Champagne Button

bob bob ricard
[Bob Bob Ricard]
Every booth at the lavish English Russian restaurant in Soho has its own ‘Press for Champagne’ button. And, let’s be honest, once you dine at a restaurant in which a glass of bubbly arrives at a touch of a button, your whole attitude to life is bound to change. You’ll start clicking your fingers at your colleagues at work. You’ll request your own mother refers to you as “sir” or “ma’am”. You will refuse to wipe your own bottom after going to the loo. Perhaps you should avoid this one if you’re prone to becoming extremely high maintenance.

1 Upper James Street, W1F NDF 


6. Naked Yoga London

naked yoga
[Naked Yoga]
We’ve had both the naked pop up restaurant and naked rooftop bar come to London in the same year, but Naked Yoga London are offering something a little different. Their 4 week courses not only allow you to develop your flexibility while gaining a greater awareness of your body, they also encourage you to take a ‘journey of enquiry into the self’. And on that journey, you’ll be naked.

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