The BIG London Bucket List Of 2016: How Many Can You Tick Off?

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The BIG London Bucket List Of 2016: How Many Can You Tick Off?

As we swiftly approach the end of 2016, it seems everyone’s looking back on the year and focusing on the *interesting* and *memorable* events that took place in London and all over the world. But the end of the year also calls for self-reflection. You might have got a great new job, got married, got laid, graduated (2 years later than anticipated), gave up your seat to that guy one time on the tube. 2016 could have been your year.

And it was certainly your year for doing London right if you ticked off, let’s say, 20 of these things.


1. Took a ride down the UK’s tallest slide: The ArcelorMittal Orbit.

2. Bounced around at London’s newest trampoline park.

3. Practiced your ping pong skills at Bounce.

4. Visited Farmopolis – London’s floating garden.

5. Queued hours for a Cronut.

6. Used the Night Tube.

7. Demolished a Freakshake.

8. Marveled at a rainbow bagel.

9. And a rainbow toastie.

10. Or caught sight of a real rainbow in London.

11. Dined in the nude at the Bunyadi.

12. Discovered one of these *secret* cocktail bars.

13. Watched a musical in the not-so-secret West End. (Matilda is our all time favorite.)

14. Took a yoga class up the Shard.

15. Watched a movie on the rooftop.

16. Tried out the Creme Egg Cafe.

17. Jumped chest-deep in London’s adult ball pit bar, Ballie Ballerson.

18. Fought for cheese at Borough Market.

19. ‘Pressed for Champagne’ at Bob Bob Ricard.

20. Shared an Uber Pool (when drunk).

21. Rolled your hips at Notting Hill Carnival.

22. Explored London’s abandoned Underground stations.

23. Took part in some sort of immersive game.

24. Feasted like a king at the Medieval Banquet.

25. Tried sliding at Roof East.

26. Attempted to shuffle at London Shuffle Club.

27. Played some form of crazy golf.

28. Had a nosy at London’s gin hotel – The Distillery.

29. Got your Heisenberg on at the Breaking Bad inspired cocktail masterclass, ABQ.

30. Said goodbye to Dippy the diplodocus at the Natural History Museum. (He leaves in January, so there’s still time!)

31. Had one of your photos shared on our Instagram . (Use the #MySecretLondon!)

32. Had a dip in King’s Cross Pond.

33. Caught the views from the Emirate Cable Car.

34. Managed to book yourself into an Igloo at Coppa Club.

35. Ran a 10km around a London park.

36. Had a BBQ on London Fields (because you’re allowed to there).

37. Dined at a Michelin Star restaurant. Pssst. The L’Autre Pied is only £31.

38. Managed to get tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. (But having to wait until next year to see it!)

39. Brought your own booze to a BYOC.

40. Taken a photo from the Sky Garden.

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41. Bought flowers from Columbia Road Market.

42. Boozed yourself silly at a boozy bottomless brunch.

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43. Explored London’s museums after dark.

44. Gazed wide-eyed at the lights at Lumiere London.

45. Chuckled at some Boris-on-Trump graffiti.

46. Discussed Brexit.

47. Overheard people on the tube discussing Brexit.

48. Wore a ‘tube chat’ badge, just for LOLs.

49. Taken a picture of the Yayoi Kusama pumpkin-like things.

Because everybody else is doing it…

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50. Ended the year being more in love with London than ever…


Feature: Jason Hawkes – Aerial Photography

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