12 Spectacular London Experiences We Bet You’ve Never Tried Before

Do you know what comfort zones are for? They’re for fun sponges: people that would prefer to drink their tea lukewarm and their Coca Colas flat. Here at Secret London, we’re not massive fans of anything that isn’t EXTREMELY exciting so we were delighted to stumble across Funzing, an amazing new website that lists unique events in London, run by ordinary people with extraordinary passions. We’re talking anything from graffiti lessons led by top-notch street artists to bracelet making with bona-fide jewellery designers. These crazy creatives can list their events on the website for free and once they’ve been totally approved by the kings of Fun(zing), you’ll be able to book a spot on their experience through the website. It’s all about boosting community spirit, which is something that often goes amiss in this huge, sprawling city of ours. It’s also an incredible way to meet new people, share hobbies and most importantly, do something that you would never have thought of doing before. Here’s our pick of some of the wackiest things Funzing have got going on this winter but be sure to check out their website for a full listing of events. …Go on, we dare ya.


1. Bike Tour around London’s Awesome Christmas Lights


Grabbing a quick Insta of the Carnaby St Christmas lights whilst your arms are weighed down with shopping and your feet are about to fall off is a TOTALLY different experience to witnessing the dazzling beauties by bike. The Christmas Lights Tour is a three hour experience brought to you by London Bicycle Tour Co: it’s a magical festive journey through bustling Christmas markets, Hyde Park’s sparkling Winter Wonderland and Central London’s most extravagant displays that will leave you buzzing with childish excitement.

For more details and to reserve a spot, click here.


2. Learn how to shoot like Robin Hood


Yup, your dreams just came true. Whether it’s Robin Hood or Katniss that you’re wanting to channel, the hugely experienced archery tutors can help you on your way. Located just 10 minutes walk from London Bridge station, the session includes an hour and a half lesson that promises to have you shooting like a pro (in the safest kind of way) before the day is up. Just don’t target any of the Queen’s swans on your way home…that will get you arrested.

For more details and to reserve a spot, click here


3. Design and make your own luxury Christmas wreath


Ever fancied yourself as a bit of an arts n crafts pro? Luxe and Wild are throwing a specialist luxury Christmas wreath making session on Monday 21st December in Camden, where you’ll learn to thread together wild foliage and gorgeous Christmas decorations, creating the perfect festive finish for your front door. It’s an evening class so it’s an ideal after-work activity in the run-up to the big day. For those of us still struggling to find Christmas presents (ahem), it could also be the perfect gift! Booking essential!

For more details and to reserve a spot, click here.


4. Dr Who VS Harry Potter Walking Tour


Yes, you did just read that right. When the guys at Funzing told us about this epic interactive tour based around ONLY THE GREATEST BRITISH FICTIONAL HEROES EVER we got a little bit overexcited. In this immersive extravaganza you’ll visit filming locations and real-life spots that inspired the wonderful worlds of Dr Who and Harry Potter, learning how scenes were filmed and hearing about the planned crossover that never happened… Just like the best things in life, the tour also involves the ultimate trivia test – in other words, if you’re a self-confessed popular culture nerd, this might just be the best day of your life.

Spaces are very limited! For more details and to reserve a spot, click here


5. Join a Graffiti artist for an East End experience


We know how impressed you were by some of London’s greatest street art offerings…and now it’s your turn. Alternative London run incredible graffiti and street art walking tours of the East End, which allow you to try your own hand at the art afterwards in their workshop! Even if you don’t have the skills of Banksy, the team will teach you spray can techniques and all you need to know to draw, cut and create you own single or multi layered stencil and build your own unique piece of street art. Much more profesh than tagging your name on the local underpass…

For more details and to reserve a spot, click here


6. Smartphone Photography Experience


Did you know that most of the incredible photos that we publish to our Facebook page are taken using iPhones? Master the art of iPhoneography (our new favourite word) on one of Foto Ruta‘s half-day courses. You’ll be taught how to use your smartphone to its full potential, taking photos that resemble professional level studio images, #nofilter necessary. The workshop combines interactive tuition with an exploration of a London neighbourhood, so you can discover new places while you snap. You’ve got to bring your own phone though – this isn’t a free-for-all, peeps.

Dates vary, click here to reserve a spot. 


7. Join an African drumming circle


Oh London, we love you. Only in this crazy city can you be attending trampoline fitness classes by day and jam with the London African Drummers by night… On Tuesday 22nd December you’re invited to discover your deepest djembe and get grooving to some African beats with the London African Drumming community group. It’s an evening class and quite frankly, once you’ve got in touch with that inner rhythm of yours, who knows where the night will take you…

For more details and to reserve a spot, click here


8. Make your own 100% natural beauty products


We smell a present for your mum (and it smells a lot like rose and coconut body moisturiser)… Forget all those lotions and potions you used to concoct in the bathroom as a kid, the 100% natural and organic goods that you can make at this bespoke craft workshop in Regent Street will have you smelling sweeter than an English rose. If you’re fed up of slathering yourself with cosmetics that have been tested on animals, this couldn’t be a more fulfilling course for you.

Class times vary, click here to see a full schedule and book your spot!


9. Keep rollin rollin rolling sushi!


How much do you love sushi? If the answer is more than a bento box and a miso soup on the side then BOY you’re in for a treat. At this absolute sell-out experience, top dawg at the London Cookery School will teach you how to make a whole selection of sushi rolls, including Nigiri, the basic Hosomaki, the cone shaped Temaki, a variety of Ura-Makis, and Temari Sushi (colourful ball shaped sushi canapes originating from Kyoto). You’ll then be able to scoff it all afterwards – but with over £40 worth of sushi sitting on your plate, we’d recommend saving some for your packed lunch…

For more information and to book a place on the course, click here!


10. Get cosy at an Italian Vegetarian Winter Supper Club


As the days get colder (January *shudder*), the need for hearty food intensifies. And when it’s hearty food cooked by a travelling Italian chef, you know you’re in for a treat. Giuseppe has taken his most cherished dishes straight from the heart of his mama’s kitchen and is in turn inviting you into luxurious flat in Bermondsey, where he’ll serve a 5-course vegetarian slap-up meal. Because Italian food isn’t all bolognese and carbonara, you know?

For more information and to book an evening at Giuseppe’s crib, click here


and just in case you were worried that we’d forgotten about New Year’s… 


11. New Year’s Eve Historical East End Pub Tour


Start the celebrations early at this intimate tour around the pubs of one of London’s most vibrant areas. Discover the unique history, culture and street art of Brick Lane and Spitalfields, with the added bonus of more than a few tipples along the way. Serving locally-brewed amazing craft beers at all the pit-stops, this is a perfect daytime drinking activity for anyone with a penchant for the nectar of the Gods (or just a desire to get really sloshed before midnight). The experience starts at 1pm on the 31st and perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s only a few spots left!

To book your spot on the tour, click here


12. NYE Karaokethon


For all the would-be Beyonces and Robbie Williams our there, this is the New Year’s Eve for you. Join Seb at The Star Of Kings (Kings Cross) for an evening filled with DJs, dancing and more singing than you’d do during a week in the shower. It’s a Karaoke Rumble and Rockaoke sandwich – in other words, an evening of total chaos, in the best kind of way. Don’t just see in the New Year, SING it in. Loud and proud people, loud and proud.

The evening starts at 8pm and booking is essential. Click here to purchase tickets! 

Featured Image Credit: Ellie Tanner (Instagram @actingandavocado). 

Facebook Featured Image Credit: Mohammed Ibrahim (Instagram @mi.london)

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