This Is What You’re Missing Out On At The Cadbury Creme Egg Lodge

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

This Is What You’re Missing Out On At The Cadbury Creme Egg Lodge

We told you earlier this month that Creme Egg were to return with a brand new, pimped-up pop-up in London. Well, it’s now here and goooooodness gracious, they’ve done a cracking job. In celebration of Creme Egg’s ‘hunting season’, the gooey chocolatiers have opened up the Hunting Lodge, which will tour around the UK once it leaves London.


Open on Friday 27th January, the Creme Egg Hunting Lodge consists of an immersive game (not a particularly challenging one, might we add), in which players have to solve clues to find the sought-after golden Creme Egg. Obviously, there are plenty of Creme Eggs to be won and scoffed on. Sadly, reservations to play the escape game sold out in 8 minutes (that’s some serious eggy dedication), but there might be slots available if you risk showing up today. The lodge also returns to London on 25th and 26th February, so you’ll have another chance to swing by and get your fix of ‘protein’ then.


Aside from the game, Creme Egg heads can also order from possibly the gooiest menu on the planet. We’re talking Creme Egg toasties, hot chocolate and marshmallow-filled s’mores. No one’s yolking around here.

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