You’re Doing Fine! Here’s 28 Things All Londoners Need To Hear Right Now

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You’re Doing Fine! Here’s 28 Things All Londoners Need To Hear Right Now

Full time London life can sure take it out of you. Even the ballsiest of Londoners go through moments of self-doubt and “what the fuck am I doing with my life. I’m well into my late twenties, still single and live in a box with a stinky wannabe DJ.” But it’s cool, we’re all dealing with it too.


1. You will find a job you don’t hate. One day.

2. Don’t base your love life on Tinder.

love lie
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3. You’re definitely not the only one that struggles to find love in the city.

4. It’s totally cool to fancy every man/woman that’s vaguely attractive on the tube.


5. And even imagine your future together. (Anything to pass the time, right?)

6. One day you’ll be that person with a cute dog.

7. One day rent will come comfortably out of your bank account.

8. It doesn’t matter that you spent all your money on overpriced avo toast and booze this weekend.

9. You’ll save it one day.

10. But that day doesn’t need to be today – so you order that ASOS delivery.

11. And while you’re at it, why not book yourself a holiday?

12. You deserve it.

13. The hustle bustle of the city is exhausting.

14. So it’s ok to be pissed off by tourists.

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15. And barge your way past them.

16. It says absolutely nothing about you as a human being.

17. They’re having a great time, regardless. 

18. It’s OK you take everything out on poor Simon at work.

19. Simon forgives you. He knows.



20. Don’t feel guilty for not buying a Big Issue today.

21. Blame the invention of contactless cards.

22. Everyone gets pissed off about waiting over 3 minutes for a tube. You’re not an impatient psycho.


23. And “If in doubt, get an Uber” is everyone else’s motto too.

24. Netflix binging has no time limit.

25. Once in a while, it’s ok to be the one in the group that gets escorted home on a night out…

26. It’s OK to not know every dimly lit cocktail bar in Shoreditch.

27. And it’s OK that you’re never the one to suggest anyway ‘cool’.

28. You’re in London. You’re one of the ‘coolest’ in the country, by default.

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