You’ll Soon Be Able To Use Your Mobile Phones On The Tube

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


Transport for London will be accepting bids from major phone providers to allow Londoners to use their mobiles on the tube.

How annoying is that last minute phone call that you have to cut off abruptly because you see a tunnel nearing? Or you’re in a really intense group conversation and need to keep updated throughout your 40 minute train journey into work?

Well that all may be a thing of the past as TfL are accepting bids to create mobile phone signals on the underground. Hallelujah. 

Although we’ve been graced with internet connection on most platforms and concourses, this new plan could mean making calls and sending messages on a moving train. TfL are promising this as part of the Mayor’s pledge to improve London’s communications.

The lucky commuters in New York, Paris and Tokyo all have mobile phone access, but it looks like London is finally jumping on this bandwagon and we couldn’t be happier. The Financial Times have reported that TfL and Sadiq Khan will be accepting bids from telecom groups after the General Election next week.

Feature Image: Simon Hadleigh-Sparks

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