You’ll Never Guess How Much This Private Box At The Albert Hall Is Selling For

That feeling when a box with twelve seats is still out of your price range…

Harrods Estates have put the ultimate box-room on the market. The twelve-seater Grand Tier box number 35 in the Royal Albert Hall, South Ken, has gone up for a right royal £2.5 million.

A small price to pay to be able to sit in a box next to the Queen on the western side of the auditorium, close to numerous bars and restaurants in the knowledge that you are now a member of the Corporation of the Hall of Arts and science…?

Chip in with a group of friends and you could listen to Harry Potter and The philosopher’s Stone in Concert, The Beach Boys: 50 years of Good Vibrations, Status Quo and Beethoven’s Ninth in 2017 alone.


What’s more – you’ll have 849 more years left as a member of the Corporation to enjoy many more…

Almost a once in a decade chance, these spots are usually only ever passed down through generations. In 2011, a five-seat box on the second tier was put up for sale for £550,000 and was then bought two years later for about £1m. This could be the most enjoyable investment to date.

Who needs a bed when you can have a box…

Feature image credit: Wiki Commons

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