You’ll Never Guess How Much This ‘London’ Number Plate Costs

Abbie Moujaes Abbie Moujaes

You’ll Never Guess How Much This ‘London’ Number Plate Costs

Will this be the sign of the ultimate Londoner? Someone is selling a LO17DAN (reading LONDON) number plate on eBay for £2.5 million.

The DVLA have confirmed this unique plate was purchased from its website on Tuesday, January 4th, for a mere £799.

The seller claims that customers are not only buying a number plate but a chance to be part of history, as well as claiming to have already turned down offers of £500,000. Setting the price at £2.5 mill in the hope to ‘avoid a bidding war’ could be seen as an optimistic move or a work of genius. Only time will tell whether this will become ‘one of the most valuable number plates to be sold in the UK till date’ as the seller suggests.

Previous UK number plates to beat include the infamous ’25 O’ which went to a Ferrari Trader for £518,000, based on its apparent reference to Ferrari’s Classic 250 GT California, according to Auto Express. Other popular plates have included the ‘F1’ going for £440,000 and ‘S1’ for £404,000.

London number plate

The question remains, does anyone love London (and number plates) this much…?

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