Yo Carnivores, Make Your Way To Farringdon Because This Restaurant’s Got Beef

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Yo Carnivores, Make Your Way To Farringdon Because This Restaurant’s Got Beef

Aptly built on the site of a 10th century market butchery, The Grill on the Market is where you’ll find London’s greatest steaks.

(Disclaimer: we haven’t tried them all yet, but we’re pretty confident you won’t find any better).


The pre-steak party starter

Sadly there are no pictures of the crab and avocado. We were too hungry to bother taking any. But trust us when we tell you it’s pretty. (Not too pretty to eat though, obviously.)
To start with, we naturally decided to prepare for our ‘turf’ with a bit of ‘surf’. The Scottish mussels in white wine sauce were good, but they had nothing on the dressed crab and avocado with a bloody mary dressing. Oh my ?


The big beefy blowout

What’s your beef?! You can choose from a huge variety of cuts: sirloin, rump, ribeye… you name it.

We knew there was a pretty good chance that we’d be tucking into a steak, but nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to embark on here: two gloriously tender steaks paired with crispy fries and the creamiest of mashes. We shared two of Grill on the Market’s premium steaks: an English Galician Sirloin (340g) cut from retired British dairy cows that lived a long life chomping on luscious green grass, and an Australian Aberdeen Black Fillet (287g), a top quality steak with a “unique tenderness” that we will bow down to for the rest of our goddam lives ??

The post-cow cooldown

We won’t pretend that dessert was an easy milestone to reach. We almost turned it down. But how could we resist a lemon and lime posset or a coconut bakewell tart?! Yeah, exactly.


You’ll find Blackhouse: Grill on the Market at 2-3 West Smithfield, near Farringdon, EC1A 9JX. It’s open every day (except Sundays) from 12pm. 


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