On Yer Bike! Could Car-Free Days Be Coming To London?

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

On Yer Bike! Could Car-Free Days Be Coming To London?

In a bid to reduce air pollution and get people moving, Sadiq Khan has indicated his eagerness to bring car-free days to London. After seeing the incredible number of cities across the globe that are supporting World Car-Free Day this week, isn’t it about time that London jumped on the bandwagon? (Maybe not actually, because it should be walking to help lower toxic fumes).

This Sunday, Paris is banning traffic from almost half of the city, meaning a massive 400 miles worth of road will be out of bounds for cars. This was an action that the Mayor chose to take after the city was briefly crowned the Most Polluted City in the World, and the difference it made was quite amazing. Taking things a step further, Oslo has announced plans to banish all personal vehicles from the centre by 2019, and it appears that Madrid have similar plans in place.

Last year, a YouGov poll revealed that a large majority of Londoners were in favour of a similar ban in Central London, even those who regularly drive in the city (the nutters). While 63% showed their support for this motion, 58% said that they’d like to see it become a monthly event. This potential plan comes alongside Sadiq Khan’s pledge to pedestrianise Oxford Street by 2020 — one of a number of proposals that would improve public spaces in the city.


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