This Year’s Incredible Notting Hill Carnival In 26 Colourful Pictures

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We’re celebrating the best moments of Notting Hill Carnival with a cheeky photo round-up. Expect booty shaking, Red Stripe drinking, curried goat scoffing and good times galore!

If you spent the bank holiday weekend shaking your stuff on the streets of west London you might have made it onto our page. Check out the Secret London summary of the most colourful event of the year…

1. Real-life Wolverine

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2. Pretty in pink

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3. Space-age slaying

4. Priorities

5. Rainbow raving

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6. Converted townhouses

7. Summer of love

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8. Supply and demand problems

9. Come-unity spirit

10. Power-napping

11. Fierce feathers

12. Parade people perks

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13. Green goddesses

14. Dancing queen

15. Welcome to the jungle

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16. Red Stripe striping

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17. Bank holiday BBQ of dreams

18. Stepping out in style

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19. Pikachu passions

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20. Rainbow rhythms

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21. Bath time

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22. Routemaster sass

23. Reggae beats

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24. Motivational confetti makes everything better

25. We wish we were having as much fun as these people

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26. One hell of a clean-up

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Featured Image: Instagram @augustini_creative

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Lily Frohlich

Lily Frohlich

Lily fell in love with London after visiting the Natural History Museum on a day-trip from Bristol (aged four) and she’s never looked back. She’s a sucker for smashed avo’ and poached egg on toast, and she just can’t help herself from frequently posting pictures of her food on Instagram.

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