Is This New And Improved Walking Tube Map About To Change Your Commute?

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham


Sick of the sweaty stench of the central line? Tired of track closures making you late? And ever wondered if it would be quicker to just get out and walk? TFL have released their brand spanking new and improved walking tube map showing the average walking times between stations…and it’s making us never want to set foot on a train again.




While the tube is great and everything, the lack of natural light, personal space, and well, we hate to say it, oxygen, can sometimes get the better of us! What’s more, recent studies have shown that brisk walking is the best deterrent against obesity than any other form of exercise. Yup, that’s right – better than running, zumba, squash, ultimate frisbee…walking at a good pace for more than 30 minutes per day (eg. Highbury and Islington to Kings Cross) can dramatically lower your BMI and waist line.




There are so many stations in zone 1 that are less than ten minutes walk from each other that we hang our heads in shame at the fact we ever got the tube! Click here for the full tube map and start planning your journeys on foot from now on. Trust us, it officially beats the tube hands (and trainer’d feet) down.

Pssst… Have you seen the London Tube W**ker map? Turns out we’re all a bunch of idiots. 

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