The World’s First Vagina Museum Could Be Coming To London And It Needs Your Help!


Soooo, there happens to be a penis museum in Iceland but what about the vagina? Well, one woman is set to rectify this problem (and obvious gap in the museum market) by creating her own … right here in London! (See our guide to London’s best museums.)

The Vagina Museum plans to take a holistic view of vaginas, the people, animals and cultures that have them whilst highlighting the cultures around them too. The concept is all about educating everyone on topical issues such as FGM, the basic science of the vagina and just basically showing everyone how fab it generally is. Sounds great but what’s even better is the museum plans on bringing free collections and exhibitions, paid evening events and community outreach opportunities too!

Expect to be educated on the science, culture and history of the trusty vagina whilst simultaneously going to concerts, workshops, comedy nights and plays. Who knew the vagina could be so arty?

It’s still in the early stages of development but the founder, Florence Schechter, needs your help. Support and donate to the cause because any place that states they’ll have vagina cupcakes and a gift shop with vagina merchandise has already won us over.

Another way of helping out with the cause is to go along to their first comedy night in East London, tickets for which are only £6.

Stay updated with The Vagina Museum via Twitter and Facebook.

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