The World’s First Netflix Hotel Is Coming To London This Weekend

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The World’s First Netflix Hotel Is Coming To London This Weekend

We’re all familiar with the good old Netflix binge. Whether it’s a hungover Sunday or an all-night marathon, we’ve all been there.

This weekend (6-9th July), Samsung and Three Mobile are teaming up to throw a gnarly Netflix sleepover, and you can go for FREE. They’ve decked out 15 different cabins in Osterley Park, each themed around a different new Netflix series. Guests can order food and drinks inspired by the shows, all while binge-watching until their heart’s content.

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Expect bunk beds, orange jumpsuits and prison food in the Orange Is The New Black room, or be treated like royalty in The Crown room. There’ll be a Netflix-inspired bar serving up Netflix-inspired drinks while iconic soundtracks blast through the speakers (“You’ve Gooooooot Tiiiiiiime”). Deezer is also getting in on all the action, and there’ll be a space where guests can listen to all sorts of playlists, not just Netflix jams.

[Doug Peters/PA Wire]
As it’s all powered by Samsung, there’ll be fancy bingeing docks in all areas of the resort, including the toilets and the showers. There’ll even be workouts to get guests ‘binge body ready’ — all without putting down their phones, of course.

Rooms are totally free and available on a first come first served basis, so get in there quick. Click here to book.



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