The World’s First Airport Gin Distillery Has Landed At Gatwick

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

The World’s First Airport Gin Distillery Has Landed At Gatwick

Step aside pre-flight warm Fosters…the Nicholas Culpeper (the new pub in Gatwick’s north terminal) is distilling its own London dry gin on site. The still, which is tucked away behind bombproof glass – apparently airport authorities weren’t happy at the idea that 80% alcohol might be accessible to the travelling public (we’re at a complete loss as to why…?) –  is producing 12 litres a batch! Judith (yes…it has a name…) uses twice the quantity of botanicals than your usual gin, with lemongrass, cardamom and cassia joining the juniper…you may also be able to detect cloves, coriander seeds, liquorice and angelica root. Mmmmmmm.

At £3.95 for a single and £7.50 for a more hardy size it’s pretty good value for money! Especially when you can choose from seven different combinations AND you don’t even need a plane ticket as it is before the airport’s security. But you would have to go to Gatwick. And we know well enough that Londoners don’t like travelling past zone 2 for anything. Unless it’s a holiday perhaps? Yes, a holiday would probably do it. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book an Easter holiday trip…and start it off in style at last!

Featured Image Credit: Londonist

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