No Yolk: The World’s Most Expensive Easter Egg Is On Sale In London

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No Yolk: The World’s Most Expensive Easter Egg Is On Sale In London

We’re not egg-sactly shell shocked at the news (London is, after all, the most expensive city in the world…), but we weren’t quite prepared for this. To celebrate the Easter weekend,  Choccywoccydoodah are selling Fabergé-style chocolate eggs for £25,000. £25,000. The eggs weigh about 100kg each (it comes as a trio…so technically they’re only £8,333 a pop…which makes it so much better, right?) and pay homage to the bejewelled 19th century designs. Each show a stage of mythical creatures hatching, and one design even pays tribute to Brighton’s Royal Pavillion, where the company’s chocolate studio is based. They are also made entirely out of luxury Belgian chocolate. 

Anyone that fancies a crack at them will have to give the shop three weeks notice so that they can create a bespoke set. Christine Taylor, the owner and creative director of Choccywoccydoodah, said: “I love the actual Faberge eggs and I have always thought what a ridiculous thing they are – what an indulgent piece of nonsense.” Well, at least she’s admitted it…and there we were worried that her brains were scrambled. Taylor also, however, added that “We all felt within the company that the world felt in quite a dark place. And as we are in such a joyous environment, we consider ourselves to be joymakers. We thought we would do something completely ridiculous in an effort to cheer people up.” Very sweet of them indeed!

Prospective buyers are expected to be wealthy London clients, or even members of overseas royal families. Makes sense. At any rate, we can’t imagine giving up our annual Maltesers one any time soon. However, while £25,000 is set to take the title of most expensive entirely edible Easter Egg of all time, it’s not the most expensive egg ever to have gone on sale in the UK. In 2006, La Maison du Chocolat in Piccadilly was selling a Diamond Stella egg for £50,000. That chocolate monster was filled with peach and apricot chocolates and pralines in the shape of fish. However, the real reason for the extraordinary cost was the 100 half-carat diamonds on the outside of the shell.

The unicorn eggs are on display in the Brighton shop, while the dragons are on show in the London store.

Featured Image Credit: Metro

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