A Four-Day Festival Dedicated Entirely To Gin Is Happening In London This Week

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A Four-Day Festival Dedicated Entirely To Gin Is Happening In London This Week

For the first time ever, World Gin Day has turned into a World Gin Festival, and will now take place across four days.

World Gin Day have teamed up with DrinkUp.London to stretch the annual celebrations out over 96 hours, from June 7–10, because they’ve finally realised that a day isn’t enough.


DrinkUp.London are renowned for their love and dedication to booze, and they are namely the geniuses behind London Wine Week and London Cocktail Week. So, following a similar structure to these festivals, the celebrations will take place all across the capital, in 75 of the city’s best bars, and at various pop-ups and branded events.

Graphic’s World Gin Day cocktail. (? by @graphicbar_soho)

The bars getting involved include Callooh Callay, Oriole, Ask For Janice, Graphic, London Cocktail Club, Madison, Nightjar, etc, and they will all be selling £6 gin cocktails to anyone with a digital pass. Download the DrinkUp.London app to cast your eyes over the World Gin Day map, and discover which cocktails will be served where.

Ask For Janice. (? by @theplaceiwastellingyouabout)

Besides all the bars serving up exquisite cocktails, other highlights over the festival include: Beefeater’s Pink Party, celebrating their new pink gin; a botanical suite at the world’s best bar, Dandelyan; an east London Negroni tour; and Tanqueray’s Terrace Takeovers.

“So, how do I get my hands on one of these magical gin passes?”, I hear you cry. Well, just head over to Fever and purchase one for £10, and you’ll be entitled to as many £6 cocktails as you desire, for four whole days. Simples.

Go! Go! Go!

This post is sponsored by DrinkUp.London and Fever.

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