Here Are The Absolute Scenes In London After England Won On Penalties

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London World Cup Chaos

It’s coming home, it’s coming…

As England’s incredible World Cup campaign continues, huge screenings have been taking place all over the capital. And as you can imagine, the tension last night was off the charts.

At Boxpark in Croydon, it absolutely WENT OFF:

And at the Last Days of Shoreditch, it really was like the last days…

With jubilant scenes:

World Cup England Reactions
Photo: marcos891

And even some car surfing:

World Cup Celebrations London
Photo: luke_walt

In Camden, things got genuinely OUT OF HAND:

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Won’t SOMEBODY think of the bus drivers?

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At the Clapham Grand screenings there were ecstatic singalongs:

And in the streets, bus shelters were apparently climbed in celebration:

At Vauxhall Street Garden the scenes continued:

But it wasn’t all happy faces last night.

In Elephant and Castle, London’s Colombian community gathered to root for their side, at a cluster of small Latin American venues.

Elephant and Castle Colombian
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Flying their colours with pride.

Colombia World Cup
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Colombia’s equaliser in injury time caused havoc in the shopping centre:

And had local venues jumping:

But, it ended, of course, with heartbreak.

Colombians watch World Cup penalties in London

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Commiserations, then, to England’s opponents, although sadly it was inevitable, as it’s widely understood that football, is, well…

Don’t: climb buses.
Do: check out these World Cup screenings in London!

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