13 Gothy Gifts For The Low-Key Witch In Your Life

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13 Gothy Gifts For The Low-Key Witch In Your Life

She might be able to gaze into the future – but you can still get your witchiest friend a gift she never saw coming.

A few awesomely-designed items inspired by the magickal, occult and esoteric. (Some are available for a short production run or only during the Halloween season, so you might wanna pounce on ’em quicksmart and stash ’em away until Xmas!)

1) This skullfully crafted lamp:

Skull Lamp

Behind your face, there lies also a SKULL. This LED lamp, designed by Nir Chehanowski, should help you remember. £91-ish from the Museum of Modern Art.

2) A book for Basic Witches:

Basic Witches Book

Hex up the ex and whip yourself up a protective potion with this handbook of modern witchy wisdom. £9.09 from Amazon.

3) This vision of a necklace:

Tatty Devine

Just one of a number of witchy delights from indie London jewellery-without-the-jewels outfit Tatty Devine. £40 from their website.

4) The Slutist Tarot:

Slutist Tarot

This is a tarot deck is not, they claim, ‘just for daringly promiscuous sex witches’ but let’s face it, we’ve all got a DPSW in our life. £46-ish from the Hood Witch.

5) This little pot to bubble up some trouble:

Small Cauldron Gift Witch

A tiny cauldron for whipping up a bit of magic. Or just for keeping CURSED PAPERCLIPS in. That’ll teach Sonya to steal you paperclips. Get your own damn paperclips, Sonya! £15.99 from London esoterica store Treadwell’s.

6) This CURSED gin:

Evil Spirit Gin Cursed By Witch

Allegedly from Britain’s most haunted town, purportedly individually blessed by a real witch, but verifiably green and freaky lookin’. Available from moonpig.com.

7) These healing hands:

Healing Hands Earrings Crescent Moon

Crescent moon earrings with healing hand charms, designed by Julia deKlerk. £18 from Etsy.

8) This witchy read:

Sabat Magazine Witchcraft

Sabat Magazine is the spookily stylish magazine dedicated to all things witchy, created by London College of Fashion graduate Elisabeth Krohn. Back issues are between £9.50 and £14 from sabatmagazine.com.

9) This edible skull:

Chocolate Skull

I AM BECOME DEATH. Or at least, I’m gonna eat it. This chocolate skull from London confectioners Choccywoccydoodah is available in white, milk and dark varieties. Life-size for £79.99 or ‘small-ish’ for £34.99.

10) This powerful print:

Lozzy Bones Illustrator London

Just one of a number of pieces of wall art (and wearable items) from alluringly alt- London designer Lozzy Bones. A3 size, £20 from her Big Cartel page.

11) This Labyrinth kimono:

Labyrinth Kimono David Bowie

A velvet kimono styled after the classic movie that awakened inner witches worldwide: Labyrinth. £99-ish from Black Milk Clothing.

12) This bag from the beyond:

Ouija bag

This rectangular shoulder bag comes in black, vegan faux leather. Of course. £41.99 from Attitude Clothing.

13) And a freaking crystal ball:

Crystal Ball

So they’ve gone the full Mystic Meg. So be it! Let them gaze into the future and reveal your future with this proper crystal ball. £65 from eBay.

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