Canary Wharf’s Beautiful Winter Lights Festival Returns Soon

Back for a fourth year, Winter Lights has a dedication to illumination across the nation.

In early 2018, Winter Lights festival is returning to bathe Canary Wharf in colour. Light artists from across Europe are quite literally foaming at the mouth to show you what an unbridled imagination and state of the art light technology can do. Best of all, the whole shebang is free to attend. Perfect if December has taken its toll on your bank account.

Marcus Lyall’s ‘On Your Wavelength’ returns for a second year.

More than thirty installations are arriving to dazzle you with light and colour. They include a mix of old favourites from previous years, and some new, never-before-seen structures. Even better, many of them are interactive, responding to movement and touch, so you can play around and crown yourself God of The Lights. Particularly if you explore Marcus Lyall’s ‘On Your Wavelength’, a series of 30,000 LED lights which you control with your mind!

‘Halo’, by Venividimultiplex

Other spectacular installations include Venividimultiplex’s ‘Halo’, a brilliant white halo which levitates in midair. ‘Abstract’, created by Collectif Coin, is designed to represent the passing of time, and Amber Stefani’s ‘Dazzling Dodecahedron’ throws out a full spectrum of colours when the sunlight hits it.

Collectif Coin have created ‘Abstract’

At Westferry Circus, Tom Dekyvere’s ‘Apparatus Florius’ will transform trees into moving patterns of colour. Meanwhile, Luma Paint Light Graffiti will let you create your own light art in the blink of an eye. Equally fun is ‘Pixels’, a set of LED cubes which you can move to create images and animations. Winter Lights begins on January 16th, and with the return of Lumiere London at the same time, it looks like the new year will be a colourful one.

Winter Lights festival takes place at Canary Wharf from January 16th-27th, 2018. The installations will illuminate from 5pm to 10pm, and the nearest station is Canary Wharf.