‘Significant Accumulations’ Of Snow Could Come To London As Deep Freeze Hits

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Snow Forecast London

A Siberian deep freeze is set to bring serious snowfall to London, forecasters say.

I know we say this a lot, but THIS TIME, it really does seem like it might snow in London. BEAR WITH US.

You might have noticed that is currently extremely frickin’ parky, but Londoners, it’s just going to get chillier from here. [Photo: Fran Taylor] A great mass of freezing air is blowing our way from Siberia, causing temperatures to plummet to an unseasonable low, and it will grow colder still over the weekend, eventually getting to -3°C overnight on Monday and Tuesday, while gusty winds mean it could feel as cold as -6°C, even during the day.

Frosty London
Syon Park. Photo: Simon and his Camera

The good news: despite the freezing temperatures, bright, sunny skies are forecast over the weekend! Adequately clad in hat, scarf and mittens, it might actually be nice to head out – maybe for a walk with a nice pub at the end of it?

However, as we start the new week, things will start getting properly cold, with the Met Office predicting

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: Bitterly cold, with raw winds, and overnight frosts. Largely sunny Sunday, before snow showers spread west overnight. These heavy at times Monday and Tuesday, with some significant accumulations possible.

Snow storm in London
Photo: Neil JS

A yellow ‘be aware’ weather warning is also in place for Greater London on Monday and Tuesday:

⚠️’Snow showers may become persistent from late Monday afternoon, continuing overnight and throughout Tuesday. There is the potential for travel delays on roads, stranding some vehicles and passengers, as well as delays or cancellations to rail and air travel.’ ⚠️

Crikey. It’s all happening. Let’s all work from home! Let’s go sledging! Let’s, probably, be quite disappointed come Monday. Good luck out there, and stay warm.

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