Bottoms Up! Here’s Where To Drink Each Of Your Favourite Spirits Over Summer

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This summer, we’re settling for only the best.

With so many bars in London it can be difficult to know where to pick. So, we’ve made life easy for you and rounded up the top spots to sip your favourite tipple in over summer, no matter what you fancy.

Whisky – 12 Nights Of The Future


This series of events – arranged by whisky connoisseurs Naked Grouse – are changing the way we look at the spirit this summer by mixing things up with a series of events. All 12 nights, collectively known as the #12nightsofthefuture, are showing us the future of whisky and a whole host of new ways to enjoy it.

We’re talking a whisky-infused strawberry and cream dessert and a Dark Brew cocktail that’s essentially an alcoholic iced coffee. The 12 nights are spread out over the next few months across various venues in London, so there’s no excuse to miss out. Sponsored ⭐

Gin – Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour, Leicester Square

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More than 150 gins are on offer at Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour so it’s possible to go back time and time again if you’re desperate to sample them all. This cosy bar, situated in Covent Garden, knows its stuff when it comes to the best tipples and even offers gin tasting masterclasses AKA “gin safari”.

Its eclectic decor, knowledgeable staff and endless variety of organic botanicals makes it the ideal spot for sitting and sipping on a quiet evening.

Rum – Cottons Restaurant and Rhum Shack, Notting Hill

Photo: Cottons Rhum Shack

There is quite literally nowhere in the world with a bigger selection of rum than Cottons in Notting Hill – it’s even won the Guinness World Record for doing so. So if you want to try something new, Cottons is the place to head. With a whopping 372 variations on offer, the staff at Cottons know what they’re talking about and can easily recommend a top choice depending on what you’re after.

Cottons is also another to have staunchly stood in the way of gentrification and an ever-growing number of high rises: the first branch in Camden has stood tall for more than 30 years. There are also branches of Cottons in Vauxhall and Shoreditch.

Vodka – 69 Colebrooke Row, Angel

Photo: @thirstywalrus

The irony with this bar is that you might know it by its other name: “The bar with no name”. Cocktail genius Tony Conigliaro is in charge of the recipes and his no nonsense attitude to serving good drinks is what puts 69 Colebrooke Row at the top of the list when it comes to vodka.

Amongst some of the more unusual offerings are Conigliario’s horseradish vodka, which sits permanently behind the bar. Or if you’re feeling fancy, try the rose vodka for a light-pink addition to your day.

Tequila – The Paloma Parlour, Covent Garden

Photo: @cantinalaredouk

Popping up this week at Mexican restaurant Cantina Laredo is the Paloma Parlour: a themed bar offering guests an escape to sunny Mexico – if only for a few hours. Keeping with the theme are a variety of fruity cocktails are the likes of Paloma’s Raspberry Beret and a fresh grapefruit guacamole.

If you know your tequilas, you’ll appreciate the herbal mixes of Ambar Blanco and AquaRiva Reposado. If you’re there more for the atmosphere and cocktails on offer, you’ll enjoy the mix of blood oranges, grapefruits, cucumber and raspberries incorporated into the drinks.

Brandy – Annabel’s, Mayfair

Photo: @annabelsmayfair

Annabel’s is one of London’s swankiest venues anyway, so you can guarantee whatever you order will be high quality. But it’s brandy where this bar truly excels. It’s got one of London’s best assortments of Cognac and, with swift expertise, the bar staff will be able to pour you a glass from one of many assortments.

The only disclaimer we have for Annabel’s is that it’s a members club, so you’ll need friends in high places or a membership in order to access it.

We all want to enjoy ourselves, but please drink responsibly.

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