What’s In A Chair? 8 Incredibly Cool Seats You Can Eat On In London

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What’s In A Chair? 8 Incredibly Cool Seats You Can Eat On In London

If you want to place your behind on something a little different, whether it’s the seat itself or the setting it’s within, then have a look at these out of the ordinary spots perfect for a spot of something…


1. Buonasera @ The Jam

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A tiny and often overlooked kernel on the Kings Road, Buonasera @ The Jam has come up with an ingenious way of utilising all the space in their piccolo eatery. Treehouses! This is a two-tier restaurant like no other, with wooden steps leading to a second layer of booths. Traditional, wholesome Italian food becomes rather surreal and magical when perched in the intimate bunk-bed of the top layer tables.


2. Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

If you’ve never got around to touring London by bus, except when stuck in 8am traffic, then this delicious tour might be able to tempt you. B Bakery have taken over the traditional Routemaster Bus to provide a lively afternoon tea. The timetable includes fruit tarts while passing Trafalgar Square, pastries via Piccadilly and scones to accompany a trip to South Ken.

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3. The Electric Cinema

There’s not much that you want to leave bed for in cold, dry January. So don’t. At the Electric Cinema in either Notting Hill or Shoreditch, you can watch a film from the comfort of a couch. Drift off into La La Land with the help of champagne and substantial cinema snacks – finally no judgement for eating in bed!

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4. Basement Galley

Another London Transport tryst. This time going underground with Basement Galley popping up with either an Underground Supper Club or an Underground Brunch Club this year. With only 9 dates per month, these are extremely coveted carriages.

The supper involves a monthly-changing gourmet four-course tasting dinner plus welcome cocktail while the brunch is bottomless tea, freshly-ground French press coffee and hangover-killing Bloody Caesars with Smoked Vodka. Plus a backdrop of mellow jazz for an extremely sensual Saturday morning.

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5. Bibendum

You can’t miss this building in South Ken, there is a giant Michelin Man chilling in the window. If you love cars then you need to try out Bibendum, originally the British head-quarters for the French tyre company Michelin in 1911.

While the 1st floor restaurant is currently being refurbished to open with Claude Bosi in Spring, 2017, the Oyster Bar is open for business as usual. And you get to feel like you’re in the spring already, sitting on bright Tolix steel chairs on an equally bright grass floor.



6. Primeur

If garages are your thing then another converted garage, Primeur, will get you revved for a delicious dinner. Open plan, small plates, no booking and a handwritten daily menu that’s posted on their Instagram page… it’s everything you could want for a seat as cool as their tomato gazpacho (£6). Soon to open a second home in March 2017 named Westerns Laundry, think we can guess why…


7. Dinner in the Sky

A 12 day pop-up in London from 19th-30th July 2017, London in the Sky means you can book to take a flight for breakfast, lunch or dinner in a table suspended 100 feet in the air. Get ready for full menu lists and the top chefs involved to be released in a few days time.

[Events in the Sky]
8. The Faltering Fullback

Heading right back down to reality it’s the Faltering Fullback, the coolest Irish pub in London with its random ceiling decor and amazing treehouse-esque garden. Tucked behind Finsbury Park, here you can watch the six nations in style.

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