What is Your Chosen Emoji for Romancing?

Selection of emoji can be crucial to the outcome of an attempted courtship. Hopeful romantics will spend hours with finger poised over the ‘send’ button, pondering whether the correct emoji has been chosen to give an accurate representation of their romantic intentions. In short, emojis are the lifeblood of the successful flirt/chirpse/chat. What’s your style?


1) The Traditionalist

A traditionalist has stuck with the winky face for many years, and it hasn’t failed them yet. The perfect wingman, winkymoji can take credit for countless successful courtships, marriages and families. And some other stuff.


2) The Cheeky Chappy

What is this, a wink? A tongue lollop? Whatever it is, it’s championed by cheeky gents who have cheeky chat, and is a favourite in the Essex region.


3) The Softy

Favoured by the relationship type, the traditional smiley is designed to prove what a NICE guy/girl the sender is. Often accompanies the sickly-sweet ‘have a great day baby!’


4) The Inappropriate

Used to dilute something highly carnal and completely inappropriate, the tearful-laughter emoji is for a special breed of brazen flirters.


5) The Secret Player

The halo covers a multitude of sins. This master of flirtation will type something seemingly innocent, but it’ll be thinly veiled.


6) The Out of Control

Reserved for a special kind of bravery (stupidity), the horny devil is about as blatant as it comes. The emoji equivalent of ‘get in my pants’, we can only hope the recipient already knows the sender relatively well.


7) The Keeno

Unfortunately, all sense of humour and wit is lost with a keeno, who fires out lovey-dovey emojis all over the place, just to incessantly let the recipient know how beautiful they really are.


8) The Too Cool for School

Used with a sense of irony (hopefully), this cool dude often accompanies what are actually very mundane activities.

‘Just mowing the lawn 😎’

‘Studying all night tonight 😎’


9) The Sassy

How divas flirt. Actually most effective when used by guys, to reveal their inner sass, the sassymoji has to be used with consideration. If used inappropriately, it could all go t*ts up.


10) The innovator

What is it? Does it work? Nobody knows, it’s never been used before…



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