The Best On-The-Go Vegan Food From London’s Café Chains

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Vegan dishes Pret Itsu Leon and EAT

What’s can vegans eat at Pret, Itsu, EAT and more?

Embracing veganism can be an opportunity to learn more about the food you eat, where it comes from, and learning to cook and combi… no, sorry, we can’t. We might be snacking exclusively on plants, but dammit, we still insist on getting ready-made munchies from the nearest available place to the office. So here’s what you can eat!

What’s vegan at Pret

With over 150 stores in London, this one’s a bit of a necessity.

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The Chakalaka wrap (a spicy butternut squash and bean concoction) is ‘so good’, says Hannah Sierp of All Good All Vegan, while Mitsu from To Happy Vegans shouts out their baguette with avocado, olive tapenade and tomatoes, or (only at their three veggie locations) the Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Nadia from Not So Quiet Grrl rates the Super Green sarnie.

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Also on the menu: veggie chilli, tomato soup, a kale & lentil soup, vegetable tagine, and butternut dhansak; the avocado and chickpea salad wrap, Mexican avocado flatbread, super-veg rainbow flatbread, and falafel mezze; the Super Greens & and Reds salad, Asian Greens veggie pot, and smashed beets and sweet potato falafel veggie box; for breakfast, try the dairy-free bircher, dairy-free chocolate chia pot, or acai & almond butter breakfast bowl.

What’s vegan at EAT

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In the mornings, EAT serve up avocado and sourdough toast, or dairy-free almond chai oats.

Toastie-wise, they’ve got a butternut, chickpea & harissa flatbread, or a sandwich with roasted squash, seedy stuffing and ‘slaw. For salads, EAT offer a houmous & falafel mezze and a ‘super nutty’ fit box. Plus, their spiced lentil, spicy tomato and Thai butternut squash soups are all vegan, along with their wakame miso and veggie gyoza.

What’s vegan at Pure

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It’s true: the ‘Go Vegan’ salad, ‘Vegan Project’ tofu wrap and ‘Miso Vegan’ deli pots are all named accurately. Alternatively, the sweet potato gobi on six wholegrains, Thai Green lentil soup and both the falafel and hummus wraps are all vegan. In the mornings, there are vegan takes on porridge and birchers using coconut-based milk and yogurt.

What’s vegan at POD


This cluster of 24 cafés in the West End has a few vegan options. The tabbouleh, Go Green, Vegan Rainbow and Gym Box salads are all purely plant-based; the hummus, falafel & crunchy veg cold wrap and hot falafel and smoky choka wrap are options too. For bowls, try the Vegan Green Energy bowl, organic tofu pho or vegetable gyoza.

What’s vegan at Itsu

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This sister-chain to Pret has over 70 UK stores and is a bit of a vegan favourite. On their sushi menu, look for the veg and seeds dragon rolls; veggie club rolls, avo baby rolls, the veggie box, veggie saucy maki; or the sushi salad. For other salads, the greens &m; beans ‘zero noodles’; veggie dumpling; and ‘humble warrior’ boxes are all purely plants. Want somemthing to warm you up? Try the detox miso; miso classic; veggie gyozas; quinoa falafel & veg rice bowl; or veggie gyoza noodles.

What’s vegan at LEON

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Another highly-rated source of vegan fast food, they serve up four vegan hot boxes: Brazilian black bean, sweet potato falafel (ask them to hold the alioli) , rainbow mezze and a squash and kale salad. For mobile munching, grab the beet and squash wrap. Also: their baked fries are vegan, hurrah!

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