Weather Update: Yep, It’s Still Really Bloody Hot

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


And it will remain that way forever.

Well London, we finally got what we asked for. For eons we prayed for an endless summer, resplendent with sunshine, parties, and lazy picnics in the park. Given the remarkably persistent heatwave still holds the UK in it’s fiery grip, it looks like that summer is here. Except instead of partying and picnicking, we’re mostly disguising sweat patches and trying not to melt on the Central line. Oh, and just for kicks, it’s set to get EVEN HOTTER this week.Heatwave

Let’s consult the weather oracles, shall we? Witness the BBC, who are predicting a Dear-God-what-did-we-do-to-deserve-this 32 degrees on Thursday. The mercury hovers around the 30/31 mark for most of the week, with only Tuesday providing respite at a positively Arctic 29 degrees.Heatwave

It’s a similarly swampy outlook over at the more restrained Met Office, where the temperatures fluctuate between 28 and 30 degrees. Meanwhile, the Apple Weather Channel, purveyor of on-the-go weather knowledge, is eyeing up 31 degrees for Wednesday and Thursday. Heatwave

And finally, the 90-day forecast of AccuWeather (yep, we’re not taking any chances) goes with the slightly euphemistic ‘very warm’ to describe this week’s weather. They’re also forecasting that the temperature isn’t dipping below 25 degrees until August 2nd, so we’ve got a while to survive yet.Heatwave

You can run from the heat (although that may be counter-productive), but you can’t hide. I’d suggest heading to your nearest outdoor lido, or just taking the sensible step of investing in a walk-in fridge. You’re going to need it.

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