Happy Holi! 3 Colourful Ways To Celebrate Holi In London

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Happy Holi! 3 Colourful Ways To Celebrate Holi In London

Holi, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of love,  is a Spring festival routed in Hindu tradition, which is now widely celebrated over the world. This year it’s coming back to London in one technicolour rainbow cloud, so be prepared to get beautifully messy…


1. Dishoom


From 21st March until Sunday 27th March, Dishoom will be serving Pani Puri (a delicious Bombay-style street snack) at all their cafés as a Holi special. The real event, however, will take place on 10th April, where Dishoom are throwing two parties back-to-back in the York Hall in Bethnal Green. One will be a family friendly Holi event, and the evening barmy will for grown-ups only (when are we ever really grown up?!). You can buy tickets to both the day time and evening parties here.


2. The Colour Run

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What’s more appealing than running 5km? Running 5km covered in a mixture of sweat and multicoloured paint powder, apparently! The Colour Run, which takes place this year on 12th June at Wembley Park, claims to be the happiest run in the world and if the previous years are anything to go by, it sure looks it! If you’re keen to mix endorphins with rainbows, the you can sign up through the official website. It’s aptly in sponsorship with Skittles, so we can only assume they’ll be colourful treats to give you a well-deserved sugar boost at the end of it all.


3. Holi Festival of Colour


The Festival of Colours will return to London for a 4th year this summer, although the location has yet to be announced. Those who are eagerly waiting in anticipation can sign up to their newsletter here and be the first to know!


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