Waterloo’s Pop-Up Wine Garden Is Perf For This Sunny Weekend

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Wine pop-ups

Campo Viejo’s Fiesta de Color summer pop-up has arrived just in time for a sun-kissed London weekend.

A two-storey wine wonderland has landed in Millenium Green – that’s the park just opposite the Old Vic, and a stone’s throw from Waterloo Station. (See our guide to the best wine bars in London.)

By day it’s a shining yellow temple of wine.

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By night, a glowing, multi-hued… temple of wine.

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Down below, a pleasant garden with bean-bags and chairs, where you can soak up some rays with your Rioja.

Summer of Colour

And a built-in opportunity for a new profile pic.

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There’s smashing tapas from Brixton’s Donostia Social Club:

And, obviously, more wine than you can shake a carafe at.

But that’s not all! Head to their dining tables for a masterclass in creative food and wine pairing.

dDare to Pair

You’ll enjoy five different glasses of wine, matched with A+ snacks – croquetas, almond gazpacho, warm octopus, manchego cheesecake – to get the tongue tingling, with a wine expert explaining what’s going on. (Short answer, it all tastes really good.) Nod appreciatively and dig in.

It even comes with some ludicrous specs (there’s a scientific reason why, I promise)

Campo Viejo Summer of Colour

The ‘dare to pair’ wine experience can be booked here.

Across the way is the wine blending lab where you can create your own wine. Equipment at the ready:

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Lab coats on:

Wine blending lab coats

Give your wines a mix:

Wine Blending

And sample your bottle the professional way.

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And yes, of course you can take your blend home with you. Interested? You can book a slot here!

Finally, why not get your wine poured by a big, gentle robot?

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A triumph of technology! (Frankly, I wouldn’t mind having one of these by my sofa in the living room.)

See you at the fiesta, friends!

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Campo Viejo’s ‘Fiesta de Color’ runs until Sunday June 18 and is open daily until 11pm. Full details here.

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