Watch A Terrifying Swarm Of Bees Descend On Greenwich Last Night

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich

Watch A Terrifying Swarm Of Bees Descend On Greenwich Last Night

Try not to panic, (because, actually, it’s really not a big deal) but we thought we should tell you that last night a truly terrifying swarm of (completely harmless) bees descended upon Greenwich (and nobody was injured).

But it was scary looking stuff. Just have a watch of this video that looks like it’s been taken straight out of a low-budget horror film:

The swarm was brought under control by beekeeper Phil Clarkson, who used a portable hive to collect the insects, after the swarm settled on a set of traffic lights at a pedestrian crossing. TfL Traffic News even composed a tweet to warn us all to bee careful:

No one at the scene was stung, due to the lethargic nature of the bees when swarming. Before taking off in their swarm, the bees all fill up with as much honey as they can eat, making positioning themselves to attack very difficult. It might sound un-bee-lievable, but swarming is a completely normal process in the life cycle of the honey bee and apparently not something to be afraid of.

Feature Image: Brad Smith

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