A Giant Wall Of Sweets Is Coming To The South Bank, And They’re All Free

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Wall of sweets

Free sweets with a side of shameless self-promotion.

Another day, another daft PR stunt involving free stuff. Yes, I know one shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but still. This time, it’s a giant wall of pick ‘n mix, setting up shop on the South Bank in September. Five metres tall, and containing half a tonne of sweets, it won’t cost you any money to dive into a sugar coma.

All it will cost you is a small sliver of your soul, bargained away for a bag of sweets. O2 are running this gimmick on September 6 & 7th, so there’s an element of quid pro quo. To gain access to the Great Wall of Sweets, you’ll need to post a picture of yourself in front of the wall using their hashtag. Having complied with the requisite Social Brand Engagement, you shall be furnished with sweets. At what cost though, London? At what cost?

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