Walk Right Into A Black Mirror Episode At London’s New Sci-Fi Exhibition

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Walk Right Into A Black Mirror Episode At London’s New Sci-Fi Exhibition

Known for its shocking dystopian storylines, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror had us all talking (seriously, if you weren’t yelling “WTF?” and bopping around desperately searching for people to talk to about it, you can’t have been watching the right thing). But now it could have us walking right into it. Sort of. As part of a new art exhibition in London, a two minute clip from the series (specifically from that weird cycling episode in series one) will be edited and plastered across multiple screens in an immersive installation. If Black Mirror didn’t mess with your head from the comfort of your own home, you’ll definitely be thrust into some kind of existential crisis after this.


The Barbican’s new exhibition, Into The Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction, will showcase artists, filmmakers, SFX specialists and more; all “testing the boundaries of reality through some of the most experimental works of all time”. Take a peek at famous props from legendary films (eg. Star Wars, Star Trek and Jurassic Park), enjoy a series of cult classic film screenings, or broaden your sci-fi knowledge at one of many talks in partnership with the New Scientist and Penguin Classics.

The exhibition opens on June 3rd 2017 at the Barbican. Find out more and book here.


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