Marvel’s Dark Superhero Film ‘Venom’ Gets A Full Trailer

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Marvel’s toothy antihero unleashes a feature length trailer.

If we’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that we love to root for an antihero. Deadpool, Walter White, Dexter Morgan… We’ve become quite accustomed to rooting for the morally dubious recently, so the release of a feature length trailer for upcoming Marvel flick Venom should definitely whet your appetite for more shades of grey:

Tom Hardy takes on the title role of the alien symbiote who binds himself to disgraced journalist Eddie Brock, frequently bursting out/taking over Brock to fuck up the bad guys. To put it another way, as Hardy wisecracks at the end of the trailer, “I have a parasite”. Whatever you call it, it makes Venom a fairly terrifying Marvel hero – particularly given his penchant for eating organs… Yep, he’s no Iron Man, and this’ll definitely give the film a darker tone, as the tagline “the world has enough superheroes” indicates.

Venom mostly made his name as a frequent antagonist of Spiderman, but sometime in the 90s he reinvented himself as a defender of San Francisco (nicknamed the “lethal protector”, which feels like kind of an understatement). As one casually does. The film sees Venom taking on Wembley’s own Riz Ahmed, as shadowy scientist Carlton Drake, and generally munching any bad apples who come his way. See it in UK cinemas from October 5th.

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