KFC Will Start Selling Vegetarian Fried “Chicken” In The UK This Year

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KFC Will Start Selling Vegetarian Fried “Chicken” In The UK This Year

Kentucky Fried Chicken will start selling Kentucky fried not-chicken at some point this year.

KFC have confirmed, in a chat with FoodBeast.com, that the chicken-that-isn’t-chicken will also be coated in the Colonel’s 11 signature secret spices. They’re currently still perfecting the recipe but, once it’s ready, they’ll be testing it out on UK customers. If it’s a success, and people actually buy it/like it, this will mean that KFC is the first major fast food chain to offer a meatless chicken alternative.

You’d think this was a nice little nod to vegetarians to say “Hey, we didn’t forget about you! We care about you, too!” and maybe it was – a bit. But, after reading a number of reports, it seems that one of the main motives for this addition to the menu is actually to help KFC in their mission to cut calories per serving by 20%*. Something tells me people won’t be eating veggie chicken out of the sheer desire to be healthier, but maybe that’s just me…

Of course, if the UK trial is a success, we expect it will be launched worldwide in 2019.

*They also plan to offer meals under 600 calories by 2020. Okay then ?


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