13 Brilliantly Bizarre Things To See In London’s Vaults

The programme for 2018’s VAULT Festival has been revealed.

Something is stirring deep beneath the streets of Waterloo. A compelling circus of over 300 shows, VAULT Festival opens today and runs until March 18, championing innovative and risk-taking performances from the worlds of comedy, theatre, and performance art. You’ll find shows to dazzle and discombobulate you, from the weird to the wonderful and back again. Below, we’ve found a few highlights for which the lovely folks at Fever have sorted your tickets. How nice of them!

1) Becoming Shades

This dark and immersive circus will take you on a journey into the Greek underworld, with ethereal beings, acrobats, aerialists, and fire artists leading the way. Get tickets here.

2) Adventureman 7

Mat Ewins returns to tell the tale of Adventureman 7, using multimedia, jokes, and quite possibly adventure too.

3) Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote

If you’ve never read Don Quixote, you’re in luck, because neither have these lot. Critically acclaimed, and featuring “two feisty senoritas and a downtrodden Englishman”, this show will bring you wisdom and moustaches in spades.

4) Red Bastard: Lie With Me

The smash-hit Edinburgh Fringe show takes up residence in the Vaults. Exposing the lies that lovers tell, you can expect to be charmed and shocked in equal measure.

5) Police Cops in Space

Intergalactic adventures featuring fighter pilots, cyborgs, and the last Police Cop in the universe. This low-fi sci-fi was a hit for acclaimed trio The Pretend Men in the summer, so expect tickets to go quickly.

6) Madonna or Whore

A mashup of wigs, Madonna, and the reanimated corpse of Sigmund Freud, you say? Holly Morgan’s examination of historical women asks the big questions about feminism and misogyny using the most potent weapons available: pop music and comedy.

7) The Dead Show

By turns comic and touching, The Dead Show will look at how we honour and remember the dead. John-Luke Roberts performs as the people he’s lost, and the result is both hilarious and heartbreaking.

8) Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho

The Iron Lady as you’ve never seen her before. A riotous romp through an alternative history, this self-proclaimed “big gay odyssey” features Margaret Thatcher accidentally becoming a cabaret susperstar on the eve of an important vote. Tell me you’re not intrigued, I dare ya!

9) Christopher Bliss’ Literary Salon

One for any English Lit graduates out there, this comedy explores what happens when you treat a terrible two-page novel as great literature. As an extra bonus, Christopher Bliss will be doling out some incredibly helpful and definitely not nonsensical advice to budding writers.

10) Bleeding Heart Ball

One for the anti-Valentine’s lot. Devilry and debauchery combine with music, cabaret, magic, and circus acts to create an event like no other. Featuring rooms called The Pleasure Palace and The Den of Iniquity, this is bound to be appealing, and that’s before you find the secret absinthe den…

11) Fat Tuesday

The Big Easy comes to Waterloo! If you’ve ever fancied celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans, this will be right up your street. Look out for brass bands, dancing on the tables, and even a parade or two.

12) Holly Burn: Best of the Burn

A modern take on the old 1970s variety night, Holly Burn will introduce a range of utterly deranged characters from the world of showbiz. Expect big hair and even bigger egos from this lot.

13) Joe Sutherland – Model/Actress

The aspiring model will present for your entertainment stand-up, sketches, and tantrums. Having supported Ellie Taylor on tour, he’s now bringing his boundless self-confidence to Vault Festival.

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