A Central London Warehouse Is Being Converted Into A Fun New Paintball Arena

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A Central London Warehouse Is Being Converted Into A Fun New Paintball Arena

Y-Shaped, a London based start-up, are planning to bring paintball to the city centre – but they need your help.

London’s experiential scene is booming, with the likes of Flight Club and London Shuffle Club becoming a huge talking point amongst Londoners. But there’s certainly still a place for Urban Paintball – an experience that would throw us straight back to those early-teenage birthday parties where you’d dress up in army gear and war paint.


That said, Urban Paintball is trying to move away from the traditional military theme. Instead, the wonderfully designed rooms will be filled with bright and colourful interiors, and there’ll be different themes throughout. Not to mention the unique props that you’ll be able to hide behind to protect you from bucket loads of paint. Just check out this video! ?

Chris Gudde, Co-founder of Y-Shaped, says, “Interactivity is the name of the game and we know Urban Paintball represents the perfect opportunity for those like us, who want to experience one-of-a-kind opportunities, that will get their hearts racing and endorphins flowing.”

You know you want it, so how can you make it happen?

Urban Paintball launched their crowdfunding campaign on August 8th, and they’re hoping to raise £100,000 to help with the construction of the arenas, salaries for staff and designers, and the price of the venue and insurance fees. So, if you fancy all the fun of paintball, without having to travel to the countryside, you can make a pledge here. For £26 (or £22 if you get in there quick), you could help to make the dream become a reality, and you’ll also get your hands on an early bird ticket. If everything goes to plan, they expect to launch in October – and everyone who pledged will have first choice of sessions.

Find out more and pledge here.

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