This Unbelievable 5 Class Offer Will Get You Fighting Fit For Just £5

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Struggling to get back in the swing of things after a particularly heavy Christmas?

Well there’s no need to worry, because MoveGB’s fitness pass offers you the perfect motivation to jump-start your February fitness kick.


Ever wanted to try a Bootybarre workout? Or had a feeling you’d be great at aerial acrobatics but didn’t know where to find a reasonably priced class? Well, MoveGB has done all the hard work for you by opening up access to 1423 activities across 434 gyms in London. For just £5 you’ll be able to take part in any five classes or activities at five separate London locations of your choice.


Trust us, we know just how hard it can be to motivate yourself to get up off the sofa and exercise. We’ll be the first to hold our hands up and say that, when it comes to fitness, our attitudes are generally more ‘gin’ than ‘gym’. Honestly, the number of times we’ve over-optimistically signed up for expensive gym memberships (only to spend the next three months making excuses not to go) is, frankly, rather embarrassing.

After a few months spent watching the funds in our bank account slowly drain away, we inevitably cancel the membership. After this, we’ll endure another few months of guilt before we give in and restart the whole useless membership process again. So why not try looking at fitness a little differently?


Imagine a way you could enjoy a variety of – dare we say actually enjoyable – exercise-based activities for a fraction of the cost. Well, we think we might have found the solution. MoveGB’s mission is to remove the barriers that stop people being active. With their flexible membership you’ll get access to a variety of activities and locations, so you’ll finally have control over what, when, and where you workout. Signing up to this new kind of ‘gym membership’ means the gym is never too far away.


With this £5 introductory MoveGB offer you’ll get access to 434 gyms across London, with a choice of five of the 1423 classes and activities available. It’ll be hard to choose out of the 1,423 classes and activities available, but this offer allows you to try five new ones! So whether you just fancy a dip in a swimming pool, or if you’re looking to perfect your salsa skills, look no further.


All you need to do is buy your pass from Fever and redeem your five class code on the MoveGB website. After you’re all signed up, you’ll be able to book classes at your leisure. And, if you’re not convinced after using up your trial pass, you can simply cancel your membership with MoveGB on their site.


The options for classes and activities are almost endless, and you’ll find something to fit your schedule and location whatever your limitations – whether you simply want to go for a gym session or if you’re looking to try something new. So no more excuses! The offer is running from now until February 28th and is available to purchase here.


Passes can only be used by new MoveGB customers and there’s a limit of one voucher per person (one voucher grants you 5 activities). After purchasing your voucher, you’ll have two weeks to redeem all your activities before moving up to a full membership. So what are you waiting for? Get booking those HIIT classes now!

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