The Ultimate A-Z Of Christmas In London

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*To be read in the voice of a Charles-Dickens-esque Victorian street urchin for no other reason than the fact it’s almost Christmas*

Us Landonas are a cleva bunch of souls. Wot wiv our huge brains constantly finking new foughts ‘n that it’s ‘ard to keep track! ‘Ere’s a list for ya of the ultimut A-Z of foughts Landonas ‘av at Christmas time…

A is for Afternoon Tea – we’ve put together a very extensive list of the best festive teas here.

B is for Bond Street’s utterly classy decor.

[Instagram @franciscaoluku]
C is for Candlelit Christmas concerts.

D is for The Dalloway Terrace.

[Dalloway Terrace]
E is for eating all the cheese.

F is for Fortnum and Mason’s lovely window display.

G is for the Gingerbread City at London Museum of Architecture.

H is for Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, of course.

I is for The Igloos at Coppa Club.


J is for jumpers. The Christmassy kind.

K is for King’s Cross St. Pancras’ floral tree.

St Pancras Station Christmas Tree

L is for the lights trail at Kew Gardens.

Kew Gardens Christmas light trail

M is for Pret’s festive mince pie flat white.

N is for a Narnia-inspired wardrobe that leads to a snowy cinema.

O is for Oxford Street. Take that as you will.

P is for picking your own real Christmas tree.

Q is for queues. They’re inevitable.

R is for Regent Street and the way it makes you fuzzy inside.

Regent street
[Instaram @joe_mathew]
S is for skating. Lots and lots of skating.

T is for the best damn trees we’ve ever seen.

[Instagram: @claridgeshotel]
U is for understanding its not all about lights and commercial crap. It’s about selfless giving. Which is exactly what Euston station is doing on Christmas Day.

V is for Vauxhall Winter Village’s alpine ski village pop-up.

W is for West End shows.

X is for ‘xxx’ (kisses) underneath the mistletoe at Covent Garden.

Covent Garden Christmas Lights
[Instagram: @jonny.orr]
Y is for ‘Yuleston Square’, as found on this festive tube map.

Z is for ZzzzZzzzz: sleeping off Christmas, because it’s bloody exhausting.

Annabel Usher

Annabel Usher

After recently graduating from a degree in History (something she wishes her student loan would become), Annabel resents people who complain about their commutes between zone 1 & 2, as hers goes beyond the Oyster zone. It's worth it, however, to be able to write in a city where bars stay open past 8pm.