The UK’s First Non-Alcoholic Brewery Has Opened In East London

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


London’s got a fair few breweries and they’re great but this one is set to change the game: because it’s all non-alcoholic.

Whether you’re looking to cut down or are the designated driver for the night, then this will be happy news for you chaps.

Nirvana Beer Co. are changing the craft beer game by creating a range of craft beers that have zero alcohol content whatsoever. None. Zilch.

With lots of brewing knowledge under their sleeves, these guys really know what they’re doing. They’re magically brewing boozeless takes on IPA, stout, pale ale and lagert.

For those of you that do fancy a little tipple, it’s worth trying out the Mantra IPA that has a very low alcohol content of only 0.7% but their other Kosmic and Tantra bottles have absolutely no alcohol in. And for those of you that are a little more exercise inclined, maybe one of their Beer Yogi sessions is for you? That’s right, yoga in a brewery is a thing now and it actually doesn’t sound too bad.

Stay updated with Nirvana Beer Co. via their Twitter and find them at Unit T6, Leyton Industrial Village, Argall Avenue, near Leyton station, E10 7QP.

And if you’re a fan of the alcoholic kind of beer:

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