Uber Is Ch-Ch-Changing

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Uber changes London

A few ‘updates’ are coming to the cab-hire app, which are good news for drivers – and bad for those among us that are a bit disorganised.

Uber may be the friend of the drunken Londoner seeking to get home, but no matter how many pints you’ve accidentally sunk after work, it’ll pay to have your wits about you going forward.

For starters, you now only have two minutes to cancel an Uber without incurring a cancellation fee, down from five minutes, previously. So make sure you’ve got all your shit together, kid.

Talking of having your shit together, you now pay for every minute the driver is waiting for you to get in after the first two minutes, another reason to triple-check you’ve definitely got your spectacles, wallet, watch, etc.

Finally, if you’re travelling home with your obnoxious pals Screamy Susan and Queasy Quentin, you can now tip your driver in the app, perhaps worth doing if you’re trying to protect your Uber rating when you’ve been a bit of a pain. Drivers also keep 100% of the tips, which is nice.

Drivers are also getting a few other improvements, like being able to set a particular direction they want to travel in more often, being able to instantly decline potential trips rather than (weirdly?) have to wait for 20 seconds, only accept UberXL trips, and so on. In theory, that should mean you’ll get matched with a driver faster, which is nice.

Elsewhere in London: 4G is coming to the tube, CityMapper have launched a night bus, and the east London Overground is set to run 24-hours at weekends.

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