This Tube Map Shows You The London Stations You Can Pee At

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

This Tube Map Shows You The London Stations You Can Pee At

Stuck on the Jubilee hankering for a wee? Getting off the Bakerloo, in desperate need of a… number two? Well, you can rest assured that, if you study this map well, you’ll never need to worry about holding on until you get home again. The official TfL map details where the toilets, disabled access toilets and baby changing facilities are, as well as letting you know which toilets are within the station gates and if there might be a charge. Although that’s unlikely to be any use – who has 30p on them these days?

For those of you who aren’t particularly good at holding your bladder, it’s best to avoid taking long journeys on the Hammersmith and City line. According to the map, this is the line with the fewest toilets. The Jubilee is pretty well-equipped with pee stations – particularly as you go further northbound – as is the Central line. But it’s clear to see that the majority of toilets tend to lie beyond Zone 1/2.

Toilet map
[Click on map to see larger version]
You can find the map in full via the link above. At least next time you need to relieve yourself on the Underground, you’ll know exactly where you can do it and whether or not you’ll have to cough up some coins…

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