There’s A Handy Way To Get Money Back From Your Delayed Tube Journeys

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Money back

Another day, another delay…

Cheese and wine, bread and butter, tube journeys and delays – all things that are synonymous with each other. And whether it’s the overly optimistic voiceover telling you “the Northern line is experiencing severe delays” or the overground very not-subtly lying that your train is still five minutes away, it’s something we’ve grown to accept as just another part of our journey.

What makes it even worse is that fact that we’re paying £2.90 each time for the privilege. Of course, if you really want to claim some compensation for your journey, you can log the delay via TfL’s website and hope for the best. But who really has the time or the inclination?

(Photo: ramiro7)
Photo: @ramiro7

Luckily, there’s a far easier way of getting your hard-earned money back that’ll make you feel slightly better about being pressed up into a stranger’s armpit at 8am. A nifty little website called Reeclaim have figured out an algorithm that automatically tracks your journeys and claims them back if you’ve been held up. Once this is done, it will check every journey you take to see if you’re due a refund on London Underground, London Overground, the DLR, or TfL Rail.

(Photo: i.love.my.imperfections)
Photo: @i.love.my.imperfections

If you’re suffering for more than 15 minutes on the underground or DLR, or over 30 minutes on the overground or TfL rail, then you can claims some sweet, sweet money back. You can register in five minutes, using your Oyster card and any other cards you use for transport. Once you’re done, sit back (if you’re lucky enough to get a seat), relax, and wait for those glorious pounds to flow back into your account. All you’ll need to do is tap in like normal and you’ll automatically claim your refund back onto your card.

The best part? It’s all absolutely free. Reeclaim previously said they’d run the website for free for the first customers to sign up, but recently changed their mind. Instead, they’ll run adverts to avoid charging us commuters anything at all. Isn’t that nice?

(It’s especially nice given that London is officially the most expensive city to commute in…)

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