Try Not To Be Offended By This Extremely Rude Tube Map!

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

Try Not To Be Offended By This Extremely Rude Tube Map!

The stress of the underground has clearly got to someone… You can really feel the anger steaming off of this extremely vulgar tube map. This should come with some sort of parental guidance however if you’re feeling brave then check it out for yourself – just don’t blame us if you get insulted by your stations new name!


[click for larger image – steveprentice.net]

Some names make more sense like ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for Baker Street or the sort of punny ‘Twattenham Court Road,’ whereas others have us completely stumped like ‘Piss Flap’ or ‘Slut Tube.’ Don’t worry, we’re as lost as you are!



You might start thinking you see some sort of inspiration or pattern emerging from the original tube map for example looking at ‘East Finchley, Finchley Central and West Finchley’ becoming the ‘Felchings,’ however the pattern is completely thrown off again as your eye rolls over ‘Thrush Pimples’ or the particularly bizarre ‘Dried Up Crackly Knicker Bacon.’ Ew.



We’re not too sure who thought up this rather charming map but then again it’s probably better that they remain anonymous! Let’s just hope Londoners can take the map in good humour, which is easier for those living somewhere cute sounding like ‘Wombledon’ or ‘Honey Nut Loops’ as opposed to someone stuck in ‘Shitechapel’ or ‘Dildo Walloper!’


Feature Image: [steveprentice.net]

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