Trump This! 39 Of The Best Signs From The March Last Night

Last night thousands of Londoners came together outside 10 Downing Street to protest Trump’s travel ban. While Ed Miliband was calling Trump a ‘bully’ in the House of Commons, Londoners were expressing themselves in their own brilliant way…


1. Hugh for PM

trump signs[@elenacresci via twitter]


2. London Transport getting involved


3. Polite

The understated UK approach to protest proudly represented #nobannowall

A photo posted by Sarah Mower (@sarahmower_) on


4. As always
5. From maximum printing credits


6. To minimalist charm


7. To this
8. When ‘Hitler’ isn’t enough

9. Cockney rhyming slang for Trump has been released
10. Big Ben for Big Love


11. When Harry Potter is your country’s constitution


12. Trumpty Numpty

13. Milania not amused


14. Yeah, dude
15. Hugh Grant would look good in leather trousers


16. Hahaha


17. Charlie Brooker tell us this is all for Channel 4
18. Truth


19. And also with you


20. *tiny


21. Martin Niemöller’s words going strong


22. School night, as well


23. History GCSE and what


24. Still waiting for my letter


25. Danny Dyer spotted in crowds


26. No-one touches our teapots
27. Or any of the mandem


28. Sign has been made


29. Someone said it


30. …


31. Cenotaph feels




33. Impressive


34. Is Trump from earth, though


35. We are all in the same boat

trump signs
[@natashadevon via twitter]


36. But sign-making is a strong requirement
trump signs
[@lucindahawksley via twitter]
37. Just don’t do it
trump signs
[becky_edwards_ via twitter]
38. Teachers know everything

trump signs
[@karenoco100 via twitter]


39. Haunting final words

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