Now You Can Go On A Treasure Hunt On The Tube

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London Underground Tube Treasure Hunt

Go for glory on the Underground with this sneaky subterranean treasure hunt.

Fancy a bit of a challenge in 2018? There’s a new opportunity to sharpen your mental, physical and creative abilities with a scavenger hunt that takes place on the Tube. [Photo: Mario Montelatici]

Taking place in and around the Zone 1 stations, teams of two race against the clock (and rival competitors) to solve as many of the twenty clues as possible. Your knowledge of the network will also be put to the test as you plot the perfect route to complete your mission first, armed with just an Oyster Card and some urban cunning.

Tube treasure hunt
Photo: Aaron Yeoman

If you beat your rivals and complete your missions first, some sweet London Underground merchandise could indeed be yours. (And don’t pretend that isn’t right up your alley, you little London nerd you.) So get ready to hustle, puzzle, and always stand on the right – may victory be yours!

The London Underground Treasure Hunt takes place every Thursday and occasional Saturdays, starting out at Green Park. A pair of tickets for your team costs £30 and is available here.

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