The Top 5 Passive Aggressive Londoners You’re Bound To Recognise

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


Travelling around London is essentially a game of who can be the most passive aggressive human being. Whether it’s on the tube, walking down the street, or out and about, you’re bound to recognise these 5 passive aggressive characters in our capital.


1. The Eye Roller

We’re all guilty of a fair few intense eye rolling sessions, but there’s always that one person that takes it that one step too far. You know, the one whose eyes could go all the way back into their head because this is clearly their only form of confrontation. Commonly found about to board a heavily packed train or urging people to move down inside the carriage (a surrogate train conductor, if you will).


2. The Sigher

Maybe they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but the sighers seem to sigh from the very bottom of their lungs.

We don’t really know what caused such a deep sigh but events such as tourists standing in the way, prams during rush hour or the dreaded morning queue for coffee are all sure to set the sighers off.


3. The Sign Writer

[Counselor’s Soapbox]
For some people, the written word is the choice of communication in their war of passive aggression. We all love a good amusing TfL sign, but it’s when it gets down to anything from parking to local restaurants, the sign can really become a whole other level of sass.


4. The Arm Crosser 

The universal sign of being utterly pissed off, many people walk around with their arms permanently folded across their chests.

Most of the time, definitive and often found on public transport due to the spine chilling possibilities of eye contact and human interaction.

*This stance can also be adopted to keep warm in harsh London conditions*


5. The Aggressive

Londoners are basically masters of passive aggression but some slip through the cracks and become just plain aggressive. Sure, London can make us angry and we all go through that (bi)weekly phase of wanting to move… but there’s no need to be so angry, right?

Often found on Monday mornings pushing their way through crowds, unhelpfully elbowing everyone on staircases and stepping on the backs of people’s shoes. Just calm down guys.



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