The Top 15 Places To Find Veggie Burgers In London

Burgers are always a winning dinner, and they are by no means exclusive to the carnivorous scoffers amongst us. There are some seriously tasty veggie burgers in the city, and they aren’t all* made of beans…

*some of them are made of beans.


1. Dirty Burger

[Dirty Burger]
As a casual dig to vegetarianism, they’ve named their veggie burger the Dirty Cop-out. But they haven’t copped out on the burger itself. It’s a portobello ‘shroom covered in smoked applewood cheese and topped with pickles, rocket and tarragon mayonnaise. Give the onion fries a go, too!

Various locations.


2. The Big V

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They have a somewhat suggestive name, and their veggie burgers are sexy as hell. Choose from the Classic V, the Cheesy V (hmm…) and the Spicy Chickpea Burger. They’re all totally vegan and none of them will disappoint.

Borough Market, 8 Southwark St, SE1 1TL


3. Patty & Bun

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The ‘Dig It’ burger at Patty & Bun is crammed full of veggie goodness. It’s a fried portobello mushroom smothered in garlic parsley butter and melted parmesan, accompanied by pickled onions, slaw, baby courgette and tarragon mayo. We really dig it… har har.

Various locations. 


4. Honest Burger

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Honest Burger’s Indian-spiced veggie fritter is made with fresh market vegetables, including cauliflower, sweetcorn, shallots and tomatoes, and it is honestly amazing (wonder how many times that’s been done before…). It’s served with salted rosemary chips and the portions are honestly huuuuuge (oops, did it again).

Various locations. 


5. Arancini Brothers

The veggie burger at Arancini Bros will keep you talking for days. It’s a vegetable risotto patty covered in Dolcelatte blue cheese and onion jam, and it’s pretty bloomin’ special. They also have a vegan burger if you’re off the cheese and want to feast on aubergines and crispy onions instead.

Various locations.


6. Boom Burger

Who are the hamburgers favourite people? Vegetarians! Boom boom. The Veggie Boom burger at Boom is stuffed with sweet potato, chilli jam and fresh avocado salsa. Jamaican me hungry!

272 Portobello Rd, London W10 5TY


7. Wild Food Cafe

All their food is plant-based and organic, and they are so creative with their ingredients. The menu is always changing, but they always tend to have a kick-ass burger up for grabs for all you raw, paleo, veggie, vegan and/or gluten free foodies.

14 Neal’s Yard, WC2H 9DP


8. Bird


This one may come as quite a surprise, but Bird’s menu is not just bird — they also have a top notch beetroot burger to bring in the veggie crowd. It’s safe to say their talents don’t end at frying chicken.

Various locations. 


9. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

[Billy The Kid]

GBK is the Great Burger King. They have a top selection of burgers, including a choice for vegetarians. Yes, you can choose between three different veggie burgers. There’s a falafel burger, the Californian, and a Billy the Kid (that’s goat’s cheese rather than actual goat, by the way).

Various locations. 


10. The Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker

The Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker have the fanciest veggie burgers around: halloumi and kimchi or BBQ jackfruit. Google what those ingredients are and then give them a try…

St John St, EC1V 4PA


11. Haché

[Haché Burgers]
Haché have a fantastic pair of veggie burgers for the herbivores amongst us. Choose between a Lebanese falafel burger with tzatziki and harissa mayo, or a goat’s cheese burger with grilled aubergine, portobello mushroom, avocado and red pesto.

24 Inverness St, Camden Town, NW1 7HJ


12. Mildred’s

[Mildred’s Recipes]
If you’re a real veggie foodie, you’ll probably have heard of Mildred’s. Considered by many as “the best veggie burger in London”, Mildred’s is definitely one to pop on the list. The chef makes a new special every day, depending on the day’s best veg. We promise it’s a winner but get down early because it fills up quick!

Various locations. 


13. Bleecker Street

[London Veggie Burgers]
Tofu has itself a rather bad name amongst, well, just about everyone… but Bleecker Street do it the justice it needs and deserves in this world of haters. (And they cover it in hot sauce and blue cheese anyway so….).

Various locations. 


14. Black Cat Cafe

Black Cat Cafe was personally recommended by our token office vegan and, trust us, she knows her stuff. The guys at Black Cat change their menu daily according to what vegetables are available, but there is generally a burger on offer — always served with chunky chips and a tasty salad.

76A Clarence Road, Hackney, E5 8HB


15. Byron

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If you have a conversation about burgers, chances are Byron will be brought up. Generally in reference to their “proper hamburgers”, but their veggie burgers are not to be knocked. They stick to the standard ‘shroom or bean burger, but they do them oh-so well. You should also try their courgette fries, cos, well, they’re courgette fries.

Various locations. 

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