London’s Perfectly Pink Cocktail Bar Has Opened A Second Location

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


Tonight Josephine. Tomorrow, more Josephine.

Eye-wateringly pink, and not even slightly ashamed of it, Tonight Josephine has been a Shangri-La for squad night outs since opening in Waterloo last year. Now, Josie’s bringing her “don’t give a fuck” attitude to Shoreditch, as a second outpost of the glamtastic bar has just opened in Hoxton Square. You know that wonderful hot mess you see on the dancefloor? Well, now there are two of them.Josephine

Named for Joséphine De Beauharnais, the smooth talking, hard partying former Empress of France, the new bar won’t deviate from the original playbook. You’ll see the same pink leather, glittery tables, and sweet neons that made the first iteration such an Instagram magnet. The ever-popular cocktails have made the trip east, and the ‘soup of the day’ remains constant (in that it is always, without fail, champagne).Josephine

Happily enough, Tonight Josephine is right next door to her sister bar – the equally carefree Nikki’s. Bounce from one to the other and you’re in for a night you won’t forget, I can promise you…

Find it at 39A Hoxton Square, N1 6NN. Nearest station is Old Street.

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