A Timeline Of Bizarre Things That Happened In London In 2016

2016 has been a whirlwind. A rollercoaster. A total and utter clusterfuck. But at least some good came of it… we got rainbow coloured food and a giant boozy ball pit.



22nd | A Creme Egg Café popped up in Soho. Because obviously it did.

28th | Freakshakes came to London and changed the world as we knew it.

[Molly Bakes]

1st | Easyjet opened an easyFoodstore that sells everything and anything (well, almost) for just 25p. In your face Poundland.

18th* | The city was graced with rainbow bagels (sorry, beigels) and Brick Lane has never been the same since.

[Twitter | @BrickLaneBeigel]

15th | Someone built a giant sand sculpture of a cat eating broccoli in a protest against gentrification. Yes, it’s just as ridiculous as it sounds.

23rd | A rogue parrot was found on the Underground.



2nd | The Great Wall of Vagina, er, came. Literally a wall of 400 plaster noonys molded on actual noonys.

[Wall of Vagina]
18th | Holborn Station introduced *that* rule. (You know, that one where they wouldn’t let us walk up the escalator).



3rd | And as if rainbow bagels weren’t enough, rainbow cheese toasties took London by storm.

[Instagram | @grill_my_cheese]
15th | An elderly couple raved at fabric until 5am. They necked 2 shots of tequila and then proceeded to ask staff for cups of tea.

23rd | Angelina Jolie became a visiting professor at London School of Economics.



11th | A naked restaurant came on the scene, and people bared all.

[The Bunyadi]
23rd | Brexit. Nuff said.



14th | Pokémon Go launched and the city (actually, the entire world) went a bit weird.



8th | A woman recreated famous pieces of art on toast and displayed them in a gallery at Old Street station.


8th | Walkers opened a speakeasy style pop-up serving crisp sandwiches, and it was hidden behind a rack of crisps in a newsagents.

12th | A crowdfunding campaign was launched to raise £23,000 in order to replace all the tube adverts at Clapham tube station with pictures of cats. It was a roaring (or rather a meowing) success.

[The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service]
13th | We got plastic fivers and people tried to sell them on for… well… more than a fiver.

29th | The fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square got a big thumbs up. Literally. 

30th | We got Cronuts!

[Dominique Ansel Bakery]

7th-9th | Some bloke gave surprise tattoos to people who stuck their arm through a hole. Because daring is London’s middle name.

10th* | The “Killer Clowns” arrived in London. One of them ran around Brunel University with a chainsaw because he thought it would make a good YouTube video.

13th | Kumbuka the Gorilla escaped from London Zoo and drank 5 litres of undiluted blackcurrant squash.

20th | A company proposing ‘Cooking with Semen’ classes announced they were crowdfunding and, somewhat amazingly, they reached their target. Because who wouldn’t want to do that? (It’s BYOS, FYI. We’ll let you work that one out yourselves…).



4th | We got an “>adults-only ball pit and called it Ballie Ballerson. (If we couldn’t have Boaty McBoatface…).

8th | Trump happened. Okay, we know it didn’t happen in London, but we felt the hit.

[Georgie Hoole]
22nd | We got a restaurant that literally only serves crisps and dips. For the modest price of £11.50.

25th | London hosted its first ever festival dedicated entirely to cat videos. Fur real.

[Flickr | DozoDomo]

1st | A pop-up serving up Ferrero Rocher 5 ways (how very Masterchef) opened in Covent Garden.


*Approximate date.

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