This Is What Covent Garden Will Look Like Next Month

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the fairest city of them all? Ok, so London may not be the fairest necessarily…but there’s no denying that it is one of the coolest – and this art installation is is just another reason why. Come April, a mammoth 32,000 square feet of mirror will wrap around the eastern façade of the piazza’s Market building, using a total of 67 mirrors. Having a bad hair day? THERE’S NO ESCAPING THAT NOW mwuhahahaha!

[Design Boom]
The piece has been entitled ‘Reflect London’, and the meaning behind it is…well, actually…it’s a PR-friendly way (yes, there is such a thing) of concealing building works ahead of Sushisamba opening a new site. It’s art in the name of sushi! Design agency Sculptivate are behind the piece, which will be in place for around eight months as the restaurant is put together. Beverly Churchill, creative director of Covent Garden, said: “The refurbishment of the Market Building heralds a new era for Covent Garden so we wanted to take a moment to reflect, and encourage our visitors to do the same.” Let’s hope that it’s not just surrounded by people fixing their make up…

[Design Boom]
Can’t wait for Sushisamba to open? Fear not. We’ve know where to find some maki in the meantime!


Featured Image Credit: Design Boom

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